Dr. Thaw
Dr. Thaw.2
First appearance Ice Folly
Dr. Thaw is Dr. Claw's Twin Brother. He is voiced by Alvin Sanders.


Dr. Thaw made his debut appearance in Ice Folly he had escaped after and his henchman being thawed in the cold he went to Dr. Claw's Headquarters and his henchman to destroy Gadgetinis and use gadget to launch missiles at military bases and the Gadgetinis disable the Missiles and gadget send the last missile at the Henchman HQ. Dr. Claw send Dr. Thaw back to the where he came from and Dr. Thaw and his henchman were arrested the second time they were barred in a Avalanche. He was mentioned in Claw's Nephew


  • 1. Dr. Thaw you can see his boots that are yellow but only Dr. Claw just the hands.